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The Client

Pacific Rim Marketing Group (PRMG), established in 1985 in Melbourne, Australia, is a direct and digital marketing agency. A global marketing agency with over 250,000 partners and clients, we influence community health on a global scale by only marketing beneficial nutrition, physical activities and general wellbeing. PRMG was initially developed to support influencers and brands individually, and with a marketplace platform, we can connect these two together.

The Challenge

PRMG were looking for a fresh perspective on their outdated website, Data models, CRM and email, mobile and automated messaging communications. They wanted a system and campaign structure to be completely automated, including setting the BD staff for success with automated tracking and lead scoring campaigns to onboard more customers faster and simpler. PRMG wanted the system to focusing on providing influencers with their own internal CRM that connects to "The Hive" a data-pool owned and managed by PRMG so that they can use influencer and brand data to make better marketing campaigns and business decisions, globally. Each influencer were given a CRM setup, a webpage and monitoring system that were built by PRMG.

The Solution

We did a complete the development and automation journeys, including implementing a new CRM management tool to combine all of the influencers data into a centralised secure space, and built the platform to monetise the interactions between the influencers and the brands. This launch accompanied a brand new website, optimised UX, and CMS integration that benefited the marketing and development teams. WE also improved the lead funnels from social media and referral pages to improve the onboarding rates and reducing the lead time in half.

Digital Marketing
Onboarded 5 global brands, 1,200 influencers & $50k sales in first week
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