Payright Rewards

Revitalising the website & brand for a Buy Now Pay Later Giant Payright

Helping Payright automate their sales funnels to reduce lead times in half

The Client

Founded in 2015, Payright has grown to a team of more than 50 people and helps thousands of business and their customers with flexible financial payment options. Payright provides merchants a buy-now, pay later flexible payment option to offer their customers, intended for bigger ticket items that are more considered purchases rather than smaller impulse-driven buys. Payright practices responsible lending and performs extensive identification and credit checks to ensure a customerā€™s repayment capability.

The Challenge

Payright sales team of 30 would take between 7 - 21 days to successfully onboard their clients (merchants) and an additional 2 -3 days to onboard their customers. With the rate of their growth and the faster speed of competitors like Afterpay capitalising the market, Payright needs to reduce these lead times to have a faster and better process.

The Solution

We completed a full revitilisation for Afterpay including producing new digital assets for their sale teams and for other channels like web, social and other medias. For Afterpay, supported by a brand new optimised CRM system, automated email flows, custom journeys to support sales team including templates, newsletters and customer media assets for specific merchants. All way dynamic and accessable within the CRM and the team was given training packages to assist their learnings. new website with an optimised user experience and CMS integration.

Digital Marketing
Reduced Merchant Onboarding Lead times from 20 days to 2.
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