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We built Gem Ainsi a new source of income



Gem 'Ainsi




The Short:

In May 2020, during the first wave of coronavirus; we developed a custom online fitness platform for Franck & Céline Peront. Owners of Gem 'Ainsi, a small fitness studio in the South of France that was forced to close. The on-demand platform was created as a new brand, "KeepUp". It was developed to offer Gem 'Ainsi clients and social media followers with an opportunity to continue working out at home while in lockdown. Member's would be provided access with curated videos, nutrition plan, personalised training calendar, an opportunity to book a private session with Franck or Céline over Zoom.

The KeepUp brand was launched July 2020 with a pre-subscribe landing page and private instagram account which had more than 25 members on annual plans within the first week. The KeepUp platform was then launched specifically in September once their customers had returned from Summer holidays and gearing up for a colder Autumn.

The Long:

During the midst of the first wave of coronavirus, a small fitness studio in the South of France was forced to close its doors. While owners Franck & Céline Peront remianed at home, they continued to be actve on Instagram offering Live workout sessions and long recorded IGTV workouts that were raw and unedited. This caught the eye of Lauren Nakache who was following Gem 'Ainsi. After attending a few LIVE classes, Lauren left a message on Instagram with an idea for Franck to create a platform for the followers all over the world who was watching, engaging and enjoying. Knowing that the lockdown in France wouldn't last forever, it was an idea to monetise their a subscription based program that will endure COVID.
Franck quickly responded asking how this would be possible.

After a few meetings Lauren and Tyrone got to work, first establishing a new brand that would exist besides Gem 'Ainsi but with a fresh tone of voice. We presented Gem 'Ainsi with:

  • Business Names
  • Logos
  • Platform Layouts and designs
  • Social Media concepts and a mood board

After the first round of iterations and a concrete direction for branding, Tyrone got to work developing the platform on Webflow. Using Memberstack, Zapier, Mailchimp, Hubspot and a few other programs to ensure members get access to private membership only online content, videos and benefits. They would also receive:

  • Automated emails (updates, new videos, new features, etc.)
  • EDMs for new monthly challenges and recipes
  • Private videos for member only Instagram followers
  • Special pricing for early subscribers

Lauren Got to work designing the Instagram content, website content, layout and the overall marketing strategy which including a landing page for pre-subscribers to sign-up while Tyrone finished developing the website.

Knowing Franck and Céline were organising their Summer holiday in August, Lauren prepared them with a brief to for website and social media content. Lauren advised what equipment to have and how to take pictures and videos. What captures that heart of KeepUp is being free with nature and working out in various landscapes. For the launch, it was the scenery of beaches in Southern France.

We incorporated this into the narrative of the brand, which is why the website, Instagram, Youtube videos and the private workouts all have elements of fitness on the beach.

The Results

Since launching the landing page, we had over 25 pre-subscribers for an annual plan, netting Gem 'Ainsi over €5,000. Since then, we launched the platform and had an increase of 10 members per week.

KeepUp's social media accounts are also growing by the hundreds weekly with organic and enthusiastic potential members that are actively engaged in the content daily.
KeepUp's website has over 300 unique new users weekly. With the videos on the member's page being viewed more than 10 times per day.

With the marketing strategy set to accelerate in the month of November onwards, we're looking at KeepUp to dramatically increase its conversion rate and keep their business pandemic proof.