The Block Engine Incubator

Launching Australia's Largest Blockchain Accelerator

To be at the epicentre of Blockchain innovation to accelerate developers and startups to build solutions that will solve real business problems across industries.

The Client

Blockchain Centre Melbourne is like a creche for the startups working with Blockchain Technology. The idea behind the Centre to cater to the knowledge and support needs of Blockchain enthusiasts. And to see the technology prosper.

The Challenge

The Blockchain Centre's challenge was to expand it's research and co-working space to provide support to new ideas in the Blockchain space and to be the focal point for Blockchain innovation in Australia. The concept of driving such innovation quickly whilst also utilising exisiting and prospecting new partnerships to not only grow the space and startups but to scale globally.

The Solution

The solution was to develop an incubator/accelerator program for Blockchain startups. Using a similar model of other premium incubators from Melbourne University to Startmate; the Blockchain Centre incubator was going to run the same whilst utilising members in the space globally. We chose the name Block Engine out of the means to develop and drive innovation. Our incubator finished picking ten startups for Block Engine. This ten-week program will let the teams work on their business plans under the mentorship of experts in the space, including DigitalX CEO Leigh Travers, Coinstop's Jonathan Ross and CoinJar CEO Asher Tan as well as dozens more. At the end each team will present to a panel include members from Government, IBM, Amazon and more. At the end a winner is announced and members can support a startup with funding.

10 Funded Startups I Block Engine Launches in Vilnius & Shanghai
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