If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense.

Hi everyone, I wanted to post a short and sweet blog that I hope can help you save time and possibly a LOT of money over the course of a year.

For the last few years I have been in the category of marketers that sit, watch and read several blogs about the “best ways to…your marketing”, or “use these 15 tips to…your marketing”. Some of them are great, most of them are clickbait and the rest; let’s be honest we have read a million times by now.

What I’m posting about today, is quite simple for business owners, managers or agencies. Take 1–2 days (not per week or per month), per quarter- maximum and audit the way your business is communicating and the tools you’re using to do so.
The reasons are simple, and I'll get into that in a short moment.

Firstly, you need to audit your business quarterly because new software are released to market or updates to your current platform are released every few months and your business NEEDS to be ahead of the curve. No matter the industry. As an example, I spoke to a tradesman who paints for a living (freelancer). He has had a website now for 10 years, a Facebook page (he doesn’t update) and that’s about it.
We spoke about how to communicate to get more job requests. I asked if he used Google ads, (the answer was obvious- but important) and or if he had his business on Trust Pilot? He later asks me why?
I said, when people are looking for painters, they search online for the best rates/ services, they then locate your website but want to know if you’re trustworthy, and so they search for customer reviews. The best reviews win the job. Simple.
After auditing this process, he began to see what tools and platforms could use to win over his audience and give him the best chance to beat the competition.

As a manager/ owner you may not be aware of the platforms you’re currently using have added features or widgets that are super helpful to your marketing. For example, if you use Mailchimp, when did you know that they added automation campaigns? Probably not the moment it was released? Have you heard of the social media platform ‘Tik Tok’ being used by companies as the new “Instagram”?
Being on top of what is new gets you ahead of the competition.

The reasons to audit your marketing process could be:
- There are better and cheaper platforms out there to use,
- Monotony is killing your business,
- You’re using outdated marketing methods,
- See what your competitors are doing (especially if it is better than you),
- Stop spending on marketing if there is NO return!

Some of my clients have recently asked me during an audit; why hadn’t you suggested Facebook as a priority sales channel?
My response was, it hadn’t generated close to a majority of sales or leads in over six months that warrant such a priority.
Not to say there were ways to make Facebook work better (but due to budgets, timing, etc. it wasn’t the best option). So we prioritised Linkedin Marketing instead.
Just because others were using it, doesn’t always mean you MUST use it the same way.

So, I’m not here posting ways to maximise your business with a 12 step plan. I’m asking you to be conscious of your business practices. Spend 1–2 days (full days) exploring, researching and potentially implementing a new workflow to your marketing. You may discover huge gaps in your marketing operations, or best case, there was nothing you needed to change.
You may argue by saying “I don’t have the time”. But I employee you; spending 1–2 days may take off a week's worth of work by the end of the year and possibly save you thousands of dollars!

If you want to audit your business and don’t have the time, that’s ok, hire someone to do it for you. For example, we helped a startup change CRM systems to Hubspot. Because this company was a Startup, Hubspot offered a ‘Startup Partner’ deal, which gives more features for a lot less money. Saved the company thousands in a single day.

Trust me, research is a tiring process but a measurable return on your time.

Hope you enjoyed my blog if you did give it a clap and I'll be able to do more.